5 Reasons why Fireworks Night is Romantic

5 Reasons why Fireworks Night is Romantic

Ok, so this is us completely showing our quaint side, but we just can’t help ourselves because FIREWORKS NIGHT IS SO ROMANTIC! Fact.

The 5th November is Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night and heading out to a display can be a great way to create fireworks between you and your partner outside the bedroom, before snuggling back in together and creating your own “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” between the sheets.

Here are 5 adorable reasons why fireworks night is romantic and you should be making an impulsive mid-week date out of it…

1. Wrap up warm

No one likes feeling cold, and everyone looks 100% cuter when they’re wearing a woolly hat and thick coat. Snuggling down into them to try and keep out the chill out is one method, but so is slipping your arms around your lover, or sharing the heat in his or her coat pocket to keep your hands warm. Only noses and cheeks are exposed to the elements, making them go rosy red, so you look even more kissable.

2. Heart of Sparklers

Not only does waving a sparkler around (responsibly) make you feel like a kid again, but if you do a whizzy sparkler heart for your date and don’t get a reaction, then they’re either dead inside or you need to practice your skills at drawing hearts with sparklers. Do it right and it looks so pretty!

3. Smiling is Sexy

It doesn’t matter how much of a crap day you’ve had, as soon as those fireworks start you can’t resist smiling. Psychologists have shown that you’re more likely to find someone sexually attractive if you look into their eyes and smile, rather than smiling and averting those eyes.

It’s pretty darn hard not to send a beaming grin towards your date after an especially loud, multicoloured, whizzing rocket has just gone off. We dare you to try! So, with feel-good smiles inevitably on the cards your romantic fireworks night won’t fail to leave you both feeling loved-up.

4. Fireworks equal Celebrations

Apart from Guy Fawkes night, generally fireworks are only let off at times of celebration: birthdays, New Year, marriage engagements (ahem)…

Seriously though, if you’re planning on popping the question then why wouldn’t you use the backdrop of an amazing, thousands-of-pounds-worth firework display to do it?! All of which are perfectly timed to celebrate your special moment. We’re just putting it out there…

5. Romantic Euphoria

It doesn’t matter if there is a thousand-strong crowd, there’s still something really personal that can be taken from a romantic firework night. The whole occasion of going out on a crisp evening, cuddling up to your partner, the sound of the bangs and colourful illumination of the night sky means you can still create your own private moment.

If you’re going out, have fun on your fireworks date night.

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