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A Vibe for every Vibe

While some women are lucky enough to be able to climax from penetration alone, according to the Kinsey Institute 70% of us rely on external stimulation to help us orgasm. No wonder, then, that clitoral vibrators are often one of the first sex toys that people look to, both solo and as a couple, when they’re looking to enhance their sex life.

From bullets to wands, from rabbits to eggs, from Womanizer to Cosmopolitan to Doxy, there are enough ways to stimulate your clitoris that the modern woman (or other clitoris owner) is spoilt for choice when they shop for sex toys. Here’s a selection of some of the best stimulators out there, to suit every need and every price point!

Bullet Vibrators

The original… and the best?

Often pocket-sized and easy to stow away in bedside drawers or pack in luggage, it’s a bullet (or a dildo) that you think of when someone says ‘sex toy’; and for good reason. Their compact size doesn’t mean you need to compromise on power either!

The Latest: Dream Toys – Red Revolution Sirona

The Sirona has a sleek, tapered shape with a flexible tip that can deliver pin-point pleasure, while the powerful internal motor vibrates at 10 different speeds, giving you big pleasure in a small casing.

The Greatest: Svakom Elva

Elva is a discreet, remote control bullet vibrator with a compact shape hiding a powerful motor. Choose between 5 different settings and an intelligent mode that takes the choice out of your hands, taking you on a mind-blowing sexual journey.

Shaped Stimulators

Bullet, schmullet, or something along those lines. When you’re looking for something more exotic you can plump for a clitoral vibrator with an interestingly shaped tip, which could mean anything from two thin tips to a textured surface. Sex toy designers are some of the most creative people on the planet – this is a scientific fact.

The Latest: Fun Factory Volita

Fun Factory can always be trusted to deliver top-shelf pleasure for middle shelf prices. If you’re willing to invest, the two tingling tips of this mini vibrator will pleasure your clitoris, driven by a powerful motor.

The Greatest: Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Touch

Grey might be the biggest name in sex since Casanova, but the tie-in toyline won’t break the bank! Enjoy the uniquely shaped head as it surrounds your clitoris with stimulation, great for use solo or with a partner.


If you’re ready to blow your own mind, there’s the rabbit. It’s 2020 – you don’t need a man to get you off. What you really need is a wiggling, thrusting, bright pink fake cock with a vaguely alarming clit-tingling protrusion coming off it.

The Latest: Dream Toys – Vibes of Love Tapping Bunny

Enjoy tingling clitoral stimulation at the same time as a unique tapping sensation against your G-spot! I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since I first saw it in person…

The Greatest: Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl

You weren’t expecting 50 setting combinations, despite the brand name, but they make a good go of it with a full 38 combos to play around with on the Greedy Girl Rabbit. Super soft, super quiet and super powerful, this is intense pleasure from a brand you can trust.

Wearable Vibrators

Now, I don’t know about you, but I buy sex toys so I don’t have to move my hands quite so much when I’m in the mood. Wearable vibrators are the culmination of that relatable desire, often clipping or magnetising onto underwear and pressing against the clitoris with specially designed curves and angles. Lay back and relax as the knicker vibrator does all the work!

The Latest: Dream Toys – Red Revolution Aphrodite

The Aphrodite is a rich red vibrator, ergonomically curved to fit perfectly against your body. Enjoy secret public play by handing the compact remote off to your partner – a remote that can also be used as a mini bullet vibrator! Two for the price of one.

The Greatest: We-Vibe Moxie

The Moxie is a lay-on vibrator from We-Vibe, the masters of the couple’s toy. It’s slim, discreet and whisper-quiet, perfect for wearing under your clothes for some sneaky public play. Just affix it to your underwear with the magnet attachment and you’ll be ready to go. The best thing about it is it’s compatible with We-Vibe’s We-Connect App, letting your partner choose between different settings and even design their own easily from their phone – from anywhere in the world!

The ‘Suckers’

Who needs a vibrator when you’re wielding one of these bad boys? Invented by Womanizer, several brands have branched out into this new kind of stimulation – and you have to experience it for yourself to believe it. A circular head fits round the clitoris and stimulates you with gentle suction, getting you off without ever touching you directly. It’s great for people who are super sensitive!

The Latest: Womanizer DUO

The Duo is award winning. Imagine that, award winning pleasure in your hands, at your demand. Packed through with patented Womanizer technology, it uses Pleasure Air to stimulate your clitoris at a range of 12 different settings while the curved G-spot attachment rumbles along at a choice of 10.

I once saw god, and it was while using a Womanizer toy.

She told me that all women deserve the best pleasure money can buy, and that’s the Womanizer Premium. 12 different intensity levels. Smart silence – turning it off when not in contact with your skin. Autopilot – letting the toy choose the intensity FOR you. This combination of fantastic features is a true masterclass in toy design, and I want to marry it.


The broad mushroom head of these stimulators lets you cover as wide an area as possible, meaning they actually work really well as general purpose body massagers too! This is actually what they were originally, and sometimes still are, marketed as, but everyone knows what they’re really used for. If you’re a power queen, if your attitude to masturbation has more in common with a workman power-drilling tarmac open than anything else, then you want a magic wand.

The Latest: We-Vibe Wand

We-Vibe, the hero of couples everywhere, have released their own version of the popular magic wand shape. It’s a blessing, it really is. It’s specially shaped to fit perfectly between two people in the throes of passion, with two special wand head attachments included to vary your play. This is the power you’ve been looking for.

The Greatest: Doxy Number 3

3 words: power, power and power. Doxy Wands are some of the most intense in the business, but when you go for the Number 3 model you also get a compact and nimble frame in the bargain, with a gorgeous flexible head and an extra long power cord allowing you to get lost in the moment and produce untold levels of pleasure.

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