The 10 Best Clitoral Vibrators

Check out these 10 best clitoral vibrators

While some women are lucky enough to orgasm through penetration alone, according to the Kinsey Institute 70% of us rely on stimulating the super-sensitive, external clitoris to help us climax. It’s no wonder then that clitoral vibrators are very often the first sex toy choice for many women, or couples, that are looking to experiment with vibrators in the bedroom.

These discreet clit simulators are often pocket-sized, so easy to stow away in bedside draws or pack in your luggage. But just because they’re small, it doesn’t mean they compromise on power. Many clitoral vibrators come with multiple speed settings and are rechargeable.

Take the Doxy Massager, for example. If you’re looking for the most powerful clitoral vibrator ever made to date, then it has to be the Doxy. If you’re a Power Queen when it comes to sex toys, then you’ll love it.

Clit vibes are great sex toys for couples

For couples, using a small clitoral vibrator during sex could be the key to giving your woman a better orgasm, so it’s worth talking about sex toys with your partner to see if shopping for a clit vibe could be the boost your sex life needs.

Either hold a small bullet vibrator on her clitoris while giving her oral sex, or invest in a vibrating cock ring which will buzz against her clit as she grinds against you.

There are clitoral vibes to suit every style and budget

What’s great about clitoral stimulators is that there are so many shapes and designs to choose from. To help narrow down the search, we’ve picked out 10 of the best clitoral vibrators that are perfect for exploring on your own, or with a lover. Ramp up the experience by adding in a clitoral stimulating gel for even better female orgasms.

1. Rocks Off RO 80mm Flower Power Bullet, £11.99

The RO 80mm by Rocks Off is a must have in any pleasure chest. The smooth, yet slightly pointed tip of this bullet vibrator means it’s perfect for delivering pin-point stimulation to the clitoris. There’s no doubt what Rocks Off were aiming to help women achieve when designing this vibrator: intense orgasms anywhere, any time. The RO 80mm is battery operated and has 7 functions that are controlled by a single button. It’s perfect for when you want a fuss free, cut-to-the-chase climax.

2. Screaming O AmigOs Camille Mini Vibrator, £11.99

We love the shape of this new Screaming O mini vibrator because it’s perfectly designed for clitoral stimulation. The tiny gap in the tip means it will nuzzle and cradle your clitoris perfectly, offering stimulation from every angle. Combine this with the 3 speed power of the battery operated bullet vibrator and you’ve got a sex toy that will hit the spot every time.

3. Discretion Vibe, £7.99

With its smooth, rounded tip and whisper quiet motor, the Discretion Vibe is a popular sex toy with our first time shoppers and couples. Small, so it’s easy to hold during intercourse, and quiet for when you need your lovemaking to be discreet. It requires just one AA battery and is available at a very budget friendly price.

4. LELO MIA 2 Petal Pink Lipstick Vibrator, £39.99

A high-quality, designer clitoral vibrator for under £40, the Lelo Mia 2 is a brilliant clit vibe for the woman that wants something a bit more sophisticated. Stylish in design, this sleek USB rechargeable clit vibe wouldn’t look out of place in your handbag or on your bedside dresser. The smooth, firm, slanted tip of the Mia 2 means it will sit flat against your clit, delivering all round sensation. Mia 2 is easy to control with simple plus and minus buttons to turn on/off and scroll through the 6 vibration patterns.

5. Doc Johnson Mood 7 Function Flirty Vibrator, £29.99 


This cute 7 function vibrator has 3 different textured heads, so you can vary your clitoral stimulation. It’s like getting three sex toys in one! Pick between soft, buzzy rabbit ears; wide, textured nodules; or a smooth round tip. Apply lubricant and experiment with the different sensations of each.

6. Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Vibrator, £22.99

The Pocket Rocket Vibrator is one of the most requested clitoral vibes in Harmony. Well known for its power and ease of use, the battery powered Pocket Rocket has a firm, textured tip with raised dots to help stimulate the sensitive nerves in the clitoris. Twist to turn the Pocket Rocket on and off and vary the intensity of the vibrations. While it’s a great clit vibe, it’s also perfect for running over all of his and her outer erogenous zones to really get the blood going and pulse racing.

7. OVO Desire D4 Mini Vibe, £21.99

Measuring just 14cm, this whisper-quiet mini vibrator is perfect for discreet solo play. Ovo Desire makes it onto our list of best clitoral vibrators because of the design and shape of the head which is smooth and large. Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant and move in a circular motion around the clitoris to experience its full effect. Battery operated, controlled with two simple buttons and comes with a 15 year warranty, the Ovo Desire is a quality sex toy at a friendly price.

8. Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Touch Mini Clitoral Vibrator, £24.99

Designed to envelope the clitoris and surrounding area, the Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Touch Mini has a hooded tip made of soft, smooth silicone. It will hug and nuzzle your clitoris perfectly and deliver deep, buzzy sensations. For more targeted stimulation, use the rounded nodule on the other side. Select one of the 10 powerful modes and experience a more intense, focused feeling.

9. LELO Lily Rechargeable Vibrator, £69.99

Shaped to blend to the female form, the Lelo Lily is a palm-sized clitoral vibrator that combines style and elegance, with power and technology. This smooth, silicone coated external massager is rechargeable. A near-silent motor is located in the tip of the Lily, delivering stimulation exactly where you want it. The curved shape means Lily can sit comfortably between your bodies during intercourse and still deliver powerful vibrations to the clitoris, so you can experience an even more intense orgasm with your partner.

10. Doxy Massager Wand, £89.99

If you’re all about the clit stim, but find that bullets and clitoral vibrators often lack the power you crave, then the Doxy Massager is the answer. Loved and highly recommended by sex toy reviewers, it may cost a little extra, but once you’ve tried it you’ll realise that you get a whole lot of pleasure for your pound. Plug the Doxy into a mains power outlet and switch on using the soft touch button. A weight in the head rolls and moves so you get a rumbling sensation, rather than a buzzy vibration. There are three power settings – the highest managing to reach 9000 RPM – and one pulsation setting. This magic wand vibrator is a luxury every woman should get to experience.

Need more help?

If you’re still undecided, then take a look at our full range in our Clitoral Vibrators section. You can also get extra advice by emailing our customer support team on, who will help you find the perfect clitoral stimulator.

For customers in London, why not pop into one of our three Harmony Stores and speak to our experienced Sales Assistants. They will be able to talk you through our extensive collection of clit vibes and offer up extra tips.

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