Christmas gifts to sex up the festive season

Chocolate, booze and Turkey – tis the season for overindulgence. But if your tastes are more Christmas pounding than Christmas pudding, here are some sexy seasonal gifts to offer respite from the crap Christmas telly and your Dad’s charades.

Satin Love Ties

Love tiesNothing says Christmas like red satin. Festive-up your light bondage sessions with these Happy Lola Satin Love Ties. With two 2.5 metre ribbons there’s enough to go round wrists and ankles and anything else you can get a good grip on. Perfect for some saucy santa role play, make sure you are on the naughty list this year.

Sex & Mischief Feathered Nipple Clamps

Seasons greetings can all be a bit too twee. Wholesome love and peace on earth is all very well, but come Boxing Day it starts to fNipple Clampseel nauseating (the mince pies probably don’t help either). Inject a little pain with these sophisticated Sex & Mischief Feathered Nipple Clamps. The rubber tip clamps bite. Hard. While the feathers tickle and tease and are visually pleasing for the viewer or dominant.

Red Unwrap Me Satin Bow Gift Lingerie

Satin TeddyAll you want for Christmas is ME! You can add as many bells and whistles as you like, but there’s nothing sexier than your partner’s naked body. Give your other half what they really want this Christmas…you!

Oral Sex Simulator

Tenga Deep ThroatChristmas is about stuffing your face, so with your mouth pretty tied-up why not treat your partner’s genitals to the Tenga Deep Throat? The valve creates a vacuum inside the cup causing a tight sucking sensation. Internal silicone nubs add texture to heighten pleasure as you slide it up and down… pass the candy canes, would you?

If you are more about the vulvas than the valves, why not give this a whirl?Sqweel Go Mini Oral Sex Simulator.

Rocks Off Feranti His and Hers Pleasure Set vibrator kit for couples

Rocks OffChristmas is about sharing, and what better way to spread the love (and your legs) than with this pleasure set that you can both enjoy? Included in the set is the RO 80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet Vibrator and two silicone sleeves — for her the Ramsey Rabbit sleeve that covers her clitoris and outer labia, and for him the textured 4US cock ring that will create buzzy sensations that ripple from the base to the tip of the penis. Just try not to ruin the holiday cheer by fighting over who goes first.

Ultra 10 Remote Control Vibrating Bullet Egg

Egg VibratorOK, so we just said Christmas was all about sharing. But in order to keep things feeling festive rather than frantic it’s important to save a bit of time for yourself too. The Ultra 10 Remote Control Vibrating Bullet Egg, which comes in a stocking-sized 3 inches long and 1.5 inch wide, is a mini treat for major me time. It features an LED display and 10 easy controls so you can decide how powerful you go, and comes with a ribbed sleeve for extra sensation. Give it a whirl while peeling the spuds to bring some buzz to a boring task.

Minna Life Limon Touch Sensitive Vibrator

Minna LifeWhile unwrapping all the gifts left under the Christmas tree is a task to be relished, the number of gadgets to assemble, batteries to insert and remote controls to grapple with can be overwhelming. Thankfully there’s no need for any of that in the bedroom. The Minna Life Limon Touch Sensitive Vibrator harnesses the latest in squeeze technology to do away with buttons and controls altogether. Not only does this mean less faff and more fun, but it also allows you to have a completely personalised experience by composing and recording you own vibration pattern. Cool, eh.


MonogamyBoard games are an essential part of the Christmas experience, but they can leave you feeling a little, well, bored. Not this one. Forget the annual Monopoly meltdown, Monogamy is a two-player trip through sexy challenges, raunchy questions, titillating treats and flirty fun, all of which will remind you why you and your lover fell for each other in the first place. Granny might have to sit this one out, though.



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