Could you sum up bad sex in three words only?

Because three words to explain bad sex is probably enough

Sex can be a really complicated subject. Thankfully the Internet, and more specifically Twitter, has a habit of breaking down exceedingly complex topics, human emotions and behaviours and shortening to them into 140 characters or less. Because, you know, none of us have time to consider these things properly any more.

Today Twitter tackled ‘bad sex’. While relationship therapists, lovers and sex bloggers (ahem) might spend hours trying to explain a bad sex experience, trending Twitter hashtag #BadSexIn3Words got people summarising the worst of doing “it” in, well, just 3 words. As the tag suggests.

Started by American Comedy Central game show Midnight, the hashtag continued throughout the day and has served as great entertainment during our Harmony HQ tea breaks. Even we gave it a go!

Here are some more of our favourite tweets from the #BadSexIn3Words thread…

For the animal lovers

No matter what you throw at them, they’ll still just sit there. Judging you.

Animalistic dirty talk. We’re on board.

When trying something “new” is a bad idea

Mountable and wearable cameras are easier than handhelds. Just ignore the helmet.

We’re all for hot sex, but this is another level.

Oooh, maybe not the romantic words you were expecting to hear. No pressure, right?

When it’s going so well, and then…

What works for one person…

Ouch. But it’s hard to be convincing on screen, right?

Erm, awkward

A popular response. Clearly a common bad sex experience!

All been here, haven’t we? If in doubt, stick to love/darling/babe.

At least they’re taking sexual health seriously!


Just. I mean. No. Spares always in the draw!

Think you can do better? Leave your thoughts here or tweet @harmonystoreuk using #BadSexIn3Words to see if you can sum up your worst bedroom experience in just three little words.

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