‘Diary Of A Library Nerd’: newest erotic novel to hit the Harmony bookshelf

If you’ve got kids, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the popular children’s book Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and you may have even read it a dozen times or more with your child to the point that you know it cover to cover. Lucky you. It was exactly this scenario that prompted mother and erotic author, Kyoko Church to rebel against the school-inspired Wimpy Kid and pen her own version with a very, very adult twist.

Diary Of A Library Nerd is a piece of erotic fiction and expands on the idea of an illustrated diary, but this one is full of adult secrets of trysts and sexual fantasies. It follows the day-to-day life of single, shy and under-sexed librarian Charlotte Campbell, who we meet at a pivotal point in her life which is sometimes sad, often funny, but always truly entertaining. Eventually Charlotte befriends a shy library patron and both characters discover sides to them that are contrary to their usual vanilla lifestyles.

Through the first person narrative and gorgeously sexy illustrations by Vanity Chase, the reader gets to take an extremely naughty read through Charlotte’s diary as she begins her transformation from introvert to Mistress of the bedroom and beyond.

Published by Sweetmeats, they’ve provided just a snippet to whet your appetite. It even includes mention of one of our best selling male toys, with an ingenious suggestion of how it can be used during power play. Diary Of A Library Nerd is now available to buy from Harmony Oxford Street for just £9.99.



“Just use me, Charlotte. Use me,” Nathan said. So I did.
God, I enjoy it. I so enjoy bossing him around, taking his horny desperation and toying with it, stoking it, building a fire in him. And using him.
When he was here yesterday he was even more desperate than usual. I hadn’t seen him for a few days and I’d spent that time texting him, sending him photos of little portions of myself, the smooth skin beside my belly button, the paleness of the inside of my thigh. The slow doling out of these little snippets drove him wild. I gloried in his every response. “Charlotte! Your skin is so soft there. It feels like silk. Thinking of it makes my cock ache. Please let me come. I’m begging you.” And of course the answer to that was no.
So yes, a crazy horny Nathan showed up on my doorstep yesterday. And when I opened the door I thought he might come in his pants right there.
I had done a little online shopping. I was deciding what I would wear when Nathan visited, flipping through little flirty dresses and cute tops, when I realized the woman who was dressing to play with Nathan was not going to find a thing in my closet. This was Mistress. And Mistress wanted black, wanted tight, wanted slutty and hard.
I pulled him inside and asked him if he was ready to be my little fuck slave. He could only nod. He looked stunned. His eyes travelled up and down my body, taking in everything from the dark makeup around my eyes and the bright red I’d painted my lips to the swell of my breasts pushing out of my corset, the tight leggings that accentuated the curves of my ass and the shiny black stiletto heels. I pushed him down onto his knees.
“Tell me what you’re here for,” I said.
“To serve you, Charlotte,” Nathan said.
“You will call me Mistress when you are serving me,” I told him.
He looked up at me quickly, his eyes alight with surprise. “Yes, Mistress! Oh I would love for you to be my Mistress.”
“I know, little boy. Now strip.”
He took off all his clothes. His cock was already hard and he put a protective hand in front of it, grasping it lightly as he stood naked in the middle of the living room looking shy and awkward. I felt power flowing into me as I watched him squirm.
“Did I say you could touch it?” I said, one eyebrow arched and looking at his hand on his member.
“Sorry, Mistress,” he said, dropping his hand and bowing his head
“Have you been practicing fucking like I told you to?”
“Yes,” he whispered.
“What have you been using?”
He flinched. “You know, Mistress. You made me buy it.”
I chuckled. “I know, boy. But I want to hear you say it.”
His cheeks were aflame. “The stamina training unit.”
“And what is that?” I asked, fixing him with an expectant stare. “Speak clearly now, so I can hear you.”
He swallowed. “It’s a fake pussy. It looks like a flashlight but it’s a plastic pussy that I can … use.”
“Yes.” I smiled sweetly. “It’s appropriate for you, isn’t it?”
“Yes, Mistress.” If he hung his head any lower it looked like it would fall off his shoulders.
“Is it working?” I asked him.
“Oh, Charlotte. I mean, Mistress. No, it’s not. But you don’t let me come in it! It just makes me more desperate for your beautiful pussy. It’s so humiliating having to, you know, put myself in that one.”
“And tell me what that humiliation does to you,” I said.
He got quiet again. “It makes me so hard,” he whispered.
I made him follow me into the bedroom on his knees. Once there I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed his nose between my legs. “That’s what you want, isn’t it?” I said as I listened to him breathe me in.
“Fuck, you smell so good. Yes, Mistress. Please!”
“But you are here to serve me, remember? So are you going to be a good boy and lie down and be my fuck stick now? You have two rules: Stay hard. Don’t come.”
I so enjoyed the look of panic on his face. I ordered him onto the bed, on his back. His cock was rigid over his pelvis. I remembered how he begged for mean and so I knelt beside him and gave that hard flesh two quick slaps. He gasped and his hands flew instinctively to cover himself.
“Hands off,” I said, steel in my voice. “Your cock is mine. I can do what I like with it. I could tell you were too excited and you were never going to last in my pussy. I was helping you.” I looked deep in his eyes. “Now put your hands down by your sides. And keep them there.”
The anticipation of Nathan’s visit had me wet before he even stepped in the door. Now that he was on my bed, naked and prepared for anything I wanted to do to him, my pussy was spasming with need. I peeled off my pants and watched his face as I revealed my bare pussy. I put my fingers inside myself, coated them with my wetness and then smeared it on his face, marking what was mine. I straddled his lanky frame and took his cock in my hand.
“Remember. Stay hard. Don’t come.”
“Oh god, Charlotte, Mistress, I don’t think I can—”

Read the rest of Diary Of A Library Nerd by picking up your copy from our Harmony Oxford Street Store.

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