Drone Boning: Porn meets Planet Earth (NSFW)

Drone Boning: Porn Meets Planet Earth (NSFW)

Creating a film that uses a drone to swoop over beautiful landscapes and unwittingly capture couples in the act of sex, might be seen as an important commentary on modern society’s Big Brother complex. However, for two Brooklyn based filmmakers the concept for creating Drone Boning was much simpler: to fly a drone over beautiful landscapes and put people fucking in them.

Right you are then.

What’s Drone Boning?

Already going viral, Drone Boning was an idea created by Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci, who make up Ghost+Cow Films. While LaGanke was creating a commercial using a drone to get stunning aerials, he joked how funny it would be if, out of nowhere, a couple going at it suddenly appeared in shot. He described it as being a “Where’s Wally” kind of idea, although, in this case “where’s willy” might be a more appropriate title.

And so, after chatting with his director colleague Carlucci, the idea of Drone Boning was formed. The result was a beautiful piece of erotica.

Filmed around the liberal city of San Francisco, the drone captures amazing sweeping aerial shots of waves crashing on beaches, dense, green forests and endless orchards. The sequence wouldn’t look out of place on a Plant Earth documentary…until you spotted the fucking, which was (in most cases) simulated by actors.

Watch the video (probably a bit NSFW)

Is Drone Boning the new porn?

Some have been calling Drone Boning the ‘new internet porn’, but the makers don’t reckon it’s an idea that will take off. “We very much doubt it will spark a new genre of pornography. If you can’t masturbate to it, it’s not effective porn,” LaGanke told me, while Carlucci admitted, “As far as it being a new DIY home porno, it seems like a lot of hassle to execute something you can do quick and easy with a handy cam. People thought that the porn industry was going to go bananas for 3D when that craze started, but it never really took off. For me personally I wouldn’t find a drone porno arousing.”

That’s not to say someone, somewhere wouldn’t give this new Peeping Tom style of porno a go: “We could see other filmmakers and drone enthusiasts making sex-themed videos,” said LaGanke and Carlucci wonders where these ‘sequels’ could go: “There are always copycats, so I’m sure someone will try something similar and if its done with an artist approach then who knows? They might even add something new to it,” he said.

“We’d love to do more ourselves. We originally pitched this concept as a series. Multiple cities, showing the different landscapes around the world.” Sounds great! Let us know when you’ll be coming to London.

So, if the three minute short film isn’t designed to give you an orgasm, what is the point, really?

The Drone Boning Discussion

As LaGanke explained, the original idea was supposed to be a laugh, however, already the short erotic film has thrown up loads of questions around drones, privacy and surveillance, but that was not the intention. So, if it’s not wank fodder, what are they hoping people will take away from Drone Boning?

“[That they’re] entertained and to start a discussion, but it looks like we’ve already accomplished that,” admits LaGanke. “We wanted to blur the lines between what is art and what is porn. We love all the criticism about how it’s staged, or that it’s not porn. Well, duh. That was the point. We are filmmakers, not pornographers. We wanted to make something that was beautiful, funny and thought provoking at the same time. The issues people are bringing up regarding privacy are valid too and were part of our intention. Just not the initial one.”

Mission accomplished guys. As the debate around the internet will no doubt get fired up we’ll continue to enjoy the simpler beauty of Drone Boning. Even if it was meant to be a funny idea and a bit of a laugh, we love how it reminds you just how natural sex should be by putting it in these epic, earthly landscapes. Bravo we say, bravo!

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Stills from the Drone Boning film (doesn’t do it justice!)


Image: Ghost+Cow Films


Image: Ghost+Cow Films


Image: Ghost+Cow Films

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