The pump with Herculean strength

Called Hercules because of its size and strength, this Bathmate penis pump was the original ground-breaking enlargement device to harness the power of water

The subject of penis enlargement shouldn’t be taken lightly. Changing the shape or appearance of one of your most delicate (and, let’s be honest, prized) body parts needs to be done safely and correctly. Bathmate penis pumps, and in particular the Hercules starter pump, have gone the extra mile (or should that be inch) to ensure their penis enlargement products are safe and comfortable to use, without compromising on the results you can expect to get. Approved by Aspen Clinical Research (a global product testing body) they have verified that Bathmate hydro penis pumps are safe to use on the genital area. Harnessing the power of water in the chamber rather than air, these penis enlargers should be used in the bath or shower. All of them are made from a translucent plastic and include a measurement gauge on the outside of the cylinder. This makes it easier than even to monitor your progress, while pumping with water offers a more cushioned and supported suction, making it slower, safer and more satisfying.

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“Bathmate Hercules was the first penis pump to use hydro technology for greater results”

Bathmate Hercules come in 3 colours. For bigger men, try the Goliath.

Bathmate Hercules pumps come in 3 colours. For bigger men, try the Goliath.

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