What goes well with chocolate? Sex of course! – An alternative Easter gift guide

Your alternative Easter gift guide that lets you combine sex and chocolate!

Eggs, rabbits, body chocolate, bunny lingerie: if there’s one holiday that goes hand in hand with the world of sex toys and sexy clothing then it must be Easter. We’ve got the proof below with our alternative Easter gift guide selects, should you be unconvinced.

This gift guide is ideal for those that aren’t fans of chocolate, or would prefer a break from chowing down on their fifth Easter egg. It’s also for those couples and individuals that want to make the most of their spring Bank Holiday weekend by indulging in some quality passion time and giving their lust life a bit of a spring boost by trying out a new sex toy either with their partner or during their next “me time” session.

Browse our sexy Easter suggestions and then if you’re feeling adventurous, try our Erotic Easter Egg Hunt game at the end…

LELO Lyla 2

The Lelo Lyla 2 is like the Faberge Eggs of the sex toy world. Made from silky smooth silicone, includes powerful whisper quiet motors and is remote controlled. Perfect for hands-free fun if playing solo, or couple sex if you choose to hand the control over to your partner. As with all Lelo products, the Lyla comes beautifully packaged, making it the ideal gift.

Dream 7 Rabbit

Offering dual stimulation, the rotating shaft and clitoral rabbit stimulator on the Dream 7 provides 42 different combinations of orgasmic pleasure. Battery operated, use the control pad on the base of the toy to find your favourite setting. A semi-realistic head and swirl textures on the shaft provide satisfying internal pleasure, while the soft bunny ears will tickle and tease the clitoris.

TENGA Egg 6 Pack

Get more than half a dozen orgasms from this half a dozen Tenga Egg 6 Pack selection. The male masturbation sleeves by Japanese brand Tenga will enhance his pleasure during solo sessions or foreplay. Each one has a different texture and comes with a generous helping of lubricant for a satisfying sexual experience. Which one will you crack open first?

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit 7 Speed Vibrator

He’s a bunny rabbit that’s built for pleasure. The sweet looking Ramsey Rabbit is designed for clitoral stimulation. His smooth silicone ears and probing nose is ideal for exciting all of those outer erogenous zones like the clitoris and labia. Battery powered and fitted with a powerful 7 speed Rock Off RO-80mm bullet vibrator. You’d be hopping mad not to give Ramsey a go.

Ultra 7 Remote Egg

Small, powerful and controlled by a wireless remote: the Ultra 7 Remote Egg is a great couple’s sex toy that will allow you to explore sex play out in the open. Lubricate the vibrating egg and insert into the vagina. Hand the battery powered remote control over to your lover so they can explore the 7 different settings to see which one really hits the spot.

Finger Sleeve Rabbit

Ideal for those that love the rabbit part of vibrators, but could do without the shaft. The Finger Sleeve Rabbit is a small, soft, waterproof vibrator with ring attachment that allows it to be worn over his or her finger. Let the soft jelly ears tickle and tease her clitoris, or his perineum. The ideal Easter sex toy for spicing up an erotic massage or foreplay.

Seven ’til Midnight Bunny Business Costume

Not all bunnies are sweet and innocent as this sexy fishnet teddy costume from Seven ’til Midnight proves. Leaving little to the imagination thanks to its open pink fishnet design. The Bunny Business teddy has attached garters and a snap fastening at the crotch for easy access. Complete the sexy rabbit look by wearing the included pink bowtie and satin rabbit ears.

Rocks Off Roxy Rabbit

Smooth silicone and a gentle curve in the shaft means the Rocks Off Roxy Rabbit is ideal for G-Spot massage. Couple this with the long, soft ears and wider ridge on the rabbit clitoral stimulator and you’ve got a recipe for orgasm! As far as battery powered sex toys go, the Roxy Rabbit is one of the strongest according to our reviewers. With 50 vibration combinations to explore we reckon you’ll need the whole Easter break to enjoy and play with every one of them!

Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without scoffing some chocolate, which is why the Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate is the ideal alternative sweet, chocolatey treat. Made using real Belgian chocolate, this body paint isn’t runny or sickly sweet. It’s as satisfying as eating actual chocolate, but with the bonus of getting to lick and eat it off your partner’s body. Our mouths are already watering…

Crystal Premium Glass Eggs

These attractive glass eggs with pink stripe detail have been hand-blown and are designed to be worn inside the vagina. Use for flexing and working out those Kegel muscles or enjoy the friction as the rub and roll together, creating an arousing slow build-up to climax. Completely smooth in texture, so they’re comfortable to wear, but please note that these individual glass eggs do not have an attached retrieval cord.

TENGA Lovers Egg

The perfect romantic Easter Gift for the man that doesn’t like chocolate (we’ve heard there are some out there?!). The Tenga Lover’s Egg is a stretchy masturbation sleeve that slips over the head and shaft of the penis. Textured with heart shapes, use this high-quality male sex toy to spice up a hand job and drive him to orgasm.

Rocks Off Groovy Chick

We’ve had eggs and rabbits, but chicks are also an Easter fave, which is why the Rocks Off Groovy Chick G-Spot vibrator has made it onto our alternative Easter gift list. Designed to massage the G-spot and stimulate the clitoris simultaneously, the C-shaped Groovy Chick will nestle snugly against your hottest spots. Powerful vibrations from the bullet vibe will then ripple through the silicone body of the Groovy Chick to really push you over the orgasmic edge.

Go on an erotic Easter Egg Hunt

Put a sexy twist on your Easter Egg Hunt this year. As well as searching out all the tasty chocolate eggs that you know the Easter Bunny is going to bring you, why not set up a sexier Erotic Easter Hunt for you and your partner too.

Once your sexy Easter treats have arrived from Harmony Store, hide the gifts around the house. When doing this, think about strategically placing them in locations where you’d like to have sex: near the sofa, in the kitchen, in the shower room (make sure it’s a waterproof sex toy if having the shower on), on the stairs, maybe even in the garden shed (?!). Be creative. The idea is that your erotic Easter Egg Hunt not only gives you new sex toys to play with, but allows you to move out of the bedroom and experiment with sex in different locations.

Give your partner clues on where to look by playing the hotter and colder game – when they get close to a sex toy say “hotter”, or if they’re far away indicate that they’re “colder”. When they find the sexy Easter treat indulge in some sex play with your new sex toy.

The biggest challenge will be seeing if you can make it to the end of your erotic Easter egg hunt, or if you get too distracted and it (happily) takes the whole day…

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