How to use a glass sex toy

A complete guide to glass sex toys

There’s no denying that glass sex toys are amazingly beautiful. The smooth contours and variety of unique shapes, coupled with the elegance of clear, coloured and marbled glass patterns gives them a visual edge over even the most sophisticated silicone sex toy. Take a look at the Prisms collection and you’ll quickly see what we mean. Knowing how to use a glass sex toy is a different matter, but this quick guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to maximise your pleasure.

You may be forgiven for thinking that using glass can’t be safe. Especially in such a delicate region. However, the majority of glass dildos and butt plugs are made from Borosilicate glass. This is the same material that Pyrex jugs, dishes and kitchenware are often made of, so you can be assured that they won’t break easily. Safe, durable and sturdy, it’s possible to heat them up and cool them down adding a new dimension to your sex toy play that you simply can’t get with other materials. But we’ll get onto that later.

Why use a glass sex toy?

There are many reasons why people might prefer glass sex toys over silicone, rubber or plastic sex toys. These include:

  • Their attractive looks – Most of them are hand-blown and created individually rather than from a mould so look like unique works of art. They’re a perfect option if you need a discreet looking sex toy, because they could be overlooked as an ornament if accidentally left out.
  • They’re very hygienic – Unlike some sex toy materials, the surface of glass is non-porous. This means it won’t absorb any fluids or lubricants, making them really easy to clean and extra hygienic.
  • Use with your favourite lube –Because glass is non-porous, it means you can safely use any type of lubricant with it. Coat it in water-based or silicone and there’s no risk of the glass sex toy getting damaged by the lube in the same way silicone lubes on silicone sex toys can cause peeling in some cases.
  • They’re amazing value –As they’re made from toughened Borosilicate glass, when cared for properly these sex toys will often last much longer than other materials, meaning they’re excellent value because you don’t need to keep replacing them.
  • How to use a glass sex toy

    Very versatile, glass sex toys, glass dildos or glass plugs can be used for external pleasure or for penetrative vaginal or anal stimulation. As mentioned, you’re not limited to using water-based only lubricants with these sex toys so pick out your favourite thicker, longer-lasting silicone lube if you know you want an uninterrupted marathon session.

    Apply as much or as little lubricant as you desire and, to build the anticipation as well as become accustomed to the feel of the glass, begin by rolling it over external erogenous zones. Try the neck, chest, nipples, circle it around the testicles or to probe the outer labia and clitoris. This will feel especially good if the glass dildo has dots or twists and can even be incorporated as part of an erotic massage.

    Prisms Lilia Glass Sex Toy

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    When ready, slide the glass sex toy inside. Expect a firmer, more rigid sensation as it stimulates the soft walls of the vagina or anus. Move the glass sex toy back and forth. If it’s textured try twisting it to get the most out of the dots or ridges, or move it in an upward motion to reach her G-Spot or his P-spot. The Prisms Lilia Glass Plug is especially unique as it has an attached handle, allowing you to rotate it a full 360°, leaving no inner erogenous zone untouched, whether used to stimulate the vagina or anus.

    How to use a glass sex toy and temperature

    Sensation play using temperature can bring a whole new dimension to sex. Part of the beauty of glass pleasure objects is that they can be safely warmed up, or cooled down in a way that other sex toy materials can’t. Once done, your glass dildo will hold and maintain the new temperature. Changing the temperature allows you to enjoy additional thrills as the difference will enliven sensitive sexual nerves in the area, potentially leading to a more intense experience.

    How to warm them up

    To heat up your glass dildo, first let it adjust to room temperature. While it’s doing that fill a bowl or pan with hot – not boiling – water from the tap. Submerge your glass sex toy in the water for roughly 10 minutes, or a shorter time if you don’t want it to be really hot.

    Pour some of the water out and leave it for a moment before carefully removing it. Test the temperature on your arm first to ensure it’s not too hot. No one wants any nasty accidents, so if it is still warmer than you want it, leave it on a clean towel to cool slightly.

    How to cool them down

    For cooling, you can either follow the same method as warming up your glass sex toy, but fill the container with cold water or ice. Again, leave the glass dildo in there for 10 minutes or so. Remove the sex toy and test that it’s not too cold. It’s still possible to get chill burns from cool items.

    Alternatively, you can leave your glass sex toy in the fridge, or blast it in the freezer. Make sure that the shelf or draw is clean otherwise you’ll only have to wash it before using it, which will ruin the temperature effect you’ve just created.

    Whether you want it hot or cold, the trick is to increase, or decrease the temperature gradually by adding more warm or cool water. This will limit any risk of damaging your beautiful glass item.

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