How to Use a Penis Pump

Why pump?

If you’re looking to invest in a Penis pump there’s three pretty great reasons to try one. Pumping improves the strength of your erection, making you harder for longer. With prolonged use, a regular pumping routine can even lead to permanent changes in the length and girth of your penis – and if all these health and aesthetic benefits haven’t been enough to have you frothing at the mouth for one already, let me assure you that using one feels pretty great too.

A man might choose to use a penis pump as an alternative to taking herbal supplements, trying delay creams and sprays or heading down the difficult surgery route in the quest for a bigger and harder dick, or he might just enjoy the sensation of suction that pumping provides. Either way, it’s great to make a habit of it – you get the best results with regular use.

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum inside the cylinder. As you work the pump air is pulled out of the chamber, causing the penis to swell and more blood to rush in to fill the gap, leading to a temporary increase in dick size. Some men leave it at that, only enjoying the sensation on occasion, but for those more serious about penis enlargement little and often is best. Regular enough use will eventually lead to a permanent expansion in the erectile tissue, adding inches to a flaccid penis.


What pump?

While there are a lot of different makes, models, styles and designs when it comes to pumps – vacuum pumps, hydro pumps and even vibrating pumps – there’s several features that they have in common to make sure they’re providing the most effective suction they can. 

How to use a penis pump - Harmony Store

Harmony Tip: Penis pumps come in different sizes, with bigger and smaller chambers. Always check the product’s additional information section for information on its maximum and minimum measurements to make sure you’re choosing the product that’s right for you.


How to pump?

STEP 1: To ensure a comfortable experience, apply a water-based lubricant to the opening of the pump.

STEP 2: Insert your penis into the cylindrical chamber. Unless you’re using a Bathmate pump, where your penis has to be flaccid, you can be hard, semi-erect or soft. Keep your testicles outside of the cylinder.

STEP 3: Press the base of the pump firmly to your body, creating an air-tight seal between your skin and the pump. It might be necessary to trim the hair around the base of your penis so the pump can sit completely flat against your pubic bone.

STEP 4: Depending on the type of pump you have, either place your finger over the quick release valve, or twist it so that it’s shut.

STEP 5: Begin to pump slowly. Between each pump allow your penis to adjust to the changing pressure within the chamber before squeezing the bulb for a second or third time.

STEP 6: Continue pumping until fully erect. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. 

STEP 7: Remove your penis from the pump by way of the quick release valve and check it for any unusual discoloration. It might look a bit more flushed or purple than usual, but if there is any serious change in colour – or pain – then stop. If everything feels alright, then after a short massage of your shaft (use lube for extra comfort), you can go for another round of pumping if required.

STEP 8: Once you’ve reached maximum length (at this time), release the air pressure valve, or turn to open it. This will let the air out of the chamber, allowing you to easily remove your penis.



Once you’ve finished pumping, your penis will gradually return to its regular size. To prolong your newfound girth and length, slip a soft, stretchy cock ring around the base of your dick. Avoid wearing one for any longer than 30 minutes after pumping, or you might find your circulation has trouble getting back to normal.

For longer lasting results you should use your penis pump more regularly, making a routine of it. Around 10 to 15 minutes a day should be enough to lead to lasting results, with a noticeable difference in length and girth becoming apparent after around three to six months of regular pumping. This will vary between men. 

Remember to take breaks during each pumping session to check your penis and massage it at about 5 minute intervals. Never pump past the point of pain. 


A few safety points

Using a penis pump on a regular basis is completely safe and healthy if you use it right, but make sure to keep an eye out for any of these issues. 

While it might take a bit of time to get used to the sucking sensation of a penis pump, there should never be any pain or discomfort when you’re using it. If there is, then you should stop immediately.

The same goes for any unusual discolouring of the penis. A noticeable flush is fine, but if there is a severe change in colour, then stop and seek medical help. Use your instincts and best judgement here – you know what your penis should look like. 


Need more help and advice?

Check out our Penis Pumps & Enlargers section to find your ideal pump and put your new know-how to the test!

If you feel that you need a bit more help and advice, then get in touch with the Harmony sales team by emailing or tweeting @harmonystoreuk

Alternatively, if you prefer to shop in person then visit us! One of our experienced Sales Assistants will be able to advise you on our penis pump range and help find the right device for you.

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  1. Daniel Nixon

    Hello, I have purchased my first penis pump and was wondering is this a pump release pump release kind of thing, or do you just keep pumping for 10 minutes?
    Any advice would be much appreciated thank you.

  2. Don

    I use an air pump and a Bathmate. I use a pulse pumping routine. Although my penis grows to 2″ by 9″” it never gets very hard. Suggestions?

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