5 reasons you should Like us on Facebook

Are you on Facebook? (Of course you are you social butterfly!) Then get on over and Like our Harmony Store page. Here are 5 excellent reasons why you should give us the thumbs up…

1. You’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to knowing about discounts, sales and competitions.

2. We share funny, crazy, yet informative sex stuff that’ll make you chuckle, or go “Hmm, interesting,” and your friends will think you’re awesome, because you’re then sharing all this original great stuff with them. If something is super NSFW (rarely happens) we’ll always tell you and post after work hours…oh, and we’ll never put pics of butt plugs on your time line or anything. That’s what Twitter’s for.

3. Be kept in the loop on new products available in Harmony Store online and get instant info on what they are and how they work.

4. Get an inside view of what’s happening at Harmony HQ – seriously, sometimes it gets quite surreal around here…

5. It’s a quick and easy way to get hold of us. We’re super social and check our Facebook page regularly, so if you’ve got a question about a product, or sexual health, or something you’ve seen us post on the page or blog, then it’s the quickest and best way to give us a shout.

So, now we’ve (hopefully) convinced you that it’s a good idea to Like us on Facebook, what are you waiting for? See you over there…

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