It’s time to crack out the pink sex toys

Pink sex toys, are, in many ways the only exception to the rule for people that don’t “do” pink. Unless you are lucky enough to be able to pull off pink clothes – and believe me, if you can successfully pink-up your wardrobe, then good luck to you – there are very few occasions in life that we need pink. Aforementioned pinkophiles can get off here, you are on your own; you already know what colour vibrator makes your vagina pop.

Everyone else, here’s why pink is not just for candy floss and Barbie (we can say that now the pink lot have gone).


Vibe Therapy VibratorDo you remember when you were a kid and you rushed down on Christmas morning, wearing Princess Jasmine pajamas, and massacred the wrapping paper like a scene from Lord of The Flies to reveal huge mountains of plastic, synthetic hair, and nylon tomato-sauce bottle-sized dresses? Those were the days and everything was, you guessed it: PINK. Now don’t get me wrong, had I not been knee-deep in miniature hair extensions and preoccupied with ramming Polly Pockets into various sexist domestic scenes (why did they never fit?!) I would have been protesting down at Hamleys with the best of them. The whole “pink for a girl” and “blue for a boy” thing is done. Over. Finished. The rise in the acceptance of gender fluidity will hopefully see off its non-inclusive reign of terror. But part of us will always have a place somewhere in our bodies for pink, plus, I always wanted to ram that sickly pink Barbie somewhere her knotty hair would get ruined…

Pink with envy

Sqweel Go Mini Oral Sex SimulatorWhatever hideous mounds of plastic you played with as a child, I bet you were jealous of what you didn’t have? If you were swimming through Action Men (in my dreams, I always wanted a tank) then I bet you were intrigued by the plastic baby toys wearing nappies that the other kids had. Well now we are all grown up and you can choose whatever toys you want, also you can bask in the endless satisfaction that you have finally discovered a good use for synthetic pink material. Treat yourself to some pink cunnilingus, now you can’t do that with cargo figurine.

Fifty Shades Of Pink

Sex & Mischief Whip and TickleS&M between couples is more popular due to society becoming less uptight and judgemental, plus a certain series of books. That said, going in whips and cuffs blazing can be a bit much for the less-experienced S&M-er. Mixing things up with some less frightening outfits and toys is a bit more relaxing and FUN. And that’s the point of sexual role play isn’t it? The atmosphere should be more kinky [insert sexual fantasy here] and less Saw III. Unless you are into that, which is cool, but I still reckon you’d enjoy a good seeing to with this pink whip.

Flesh on Flesh

Liquid Love Warming Massage LotionA delight to the senses, the Liquid Love Warming Massage Lotion – Strawberry both smells and feels fabulous. Let the sweet scent of strawberries fill your mind with summer days, while the gentle warming sensation of the lotion begins to work as you rub it into the skin. Perfect for helping to ease and release those tense spots. Increase the heat by gently blowing on it. Why not pop open a bottle of rosé Champagne while you are at it, too.













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