What to do if you run into your boss in a sex shop…

Sex is arguably the biggest kept secret of the British people. The act, as old as our race itself, is kept just as private as, well… our privates. It is a shame that such guardedness means so many people have missed out on discovering all the fun to be had with safe experimentation. However, times are changing. It’s totally normal to be a bit shy, but do not be fooled by British bashfulness any longer. There is a vibrant sex life beating in the heart of the nation, with a wide community learning about themselves and each other. People are talking about it more and more. They are sharing with their partners, their friends, and even on the telly. With all that hum and excitement, it is suddenly a lot more likely that you’ll run into someone you know at your favourite sex shop. What if that someone is your boss?

boss in suitRemember first that it is highly unlikely that they are there against their will. True they might be buying for someone else, but even then something has drawn them into this world. No one goes in to a sex store to buy a present without knowing what they’re going to be looking at. For many in fact, it is the perfect excuse; a great reason to peak through the curtain at this new and naughty place. As the age-old adage says, ‘You’re really buying for yourself” after all. One of the most brilliant aspects of having so much sexual preference and variety on display is that it normalises every taste and fantasy. It allows us all to be much more understanding of each other, because all of it is there for someone. Whatever you’re into, someone else is into too. If you’re into something I’m not, well that’s OK too because it turns out there is a whole section dedicated to that.

At the other end of the spectrum, maybe that boss of yours is quite the dark horse. Maybe this is a regular trip. Just because this is a new experience for us does not mean it is for someone else. One of the most common things that we do as people is to ‘project’. That is, because we feel a little embarrassed, we think what we’re up to is definitely embarrassing to someone else. That person over there, they are totally judging us. In fact though, how do we know that to be true? What if your boss is thinking, “You know what? Good on them. I never expected so-and-so to be taking care of the bedroom like me”. In extreme cases it could even lead to a promotion. Could the sex shop become the new golf course for business deals? Maybe you could even exchange tips on Anal Sex, or the best materials for sex toys.

Sex, like food, is a basic human requirement and can be turned into a real hobby, or just occasional area to try something new. Once in a while you might decide to splash out on a different kind of ‘night in’. You’re only human and so is your boss. Wherever you are along your adventure, we’re all learning to judge each other less and less. If you’re already confident then it’s all good. If you’re not, nobody with real confidence is going to be looking down at you. If they are, maybe they aren’t worth the time of day (and you can still spend your night doing something to make up for it).

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