Sexual Health Week 2014

Between the 15th and 21st September, UK sexual health charity the Family Planning Association, will be leading events for Sexual Health Week 2014, which this year has an emphasis on emergency contraception and dispelling the myths around it.

A survey carried out by the FPA in preparation for Sexual Health Week, found that of the 2,000 sexually active women questioned, 29% of them had engaged in unprotected sex in the last two years, but had not used emergency contraception afterwards even though they weren’t planning a pregnancy. According to those questioned there’s still a stigma about asking for emergency contraception, which put them off using it. This week is all about trying to bust some of those myths. You can see the full set of survey results here.

Here in Harmony we’re all for encouraging safe sex. While the FPA have got emergency contraception covered, throughout the week we’ll be looking at more long term forms of contraception and how things like condoms and dams can be incorporated into sex play and seen as a sexy accessory in their own right, not something that gets in the way or ruins the moment.

From sexy ideas of how to put on a condom, to the simple steps of rolling on a johnny properly, we’ll have accessible advice a-plenty from expert sex writers. Check back here during the next seven days for more info and visit our Facebook page where we’ll be posting links to interesting articles relating to male and female contraception (because there is more than just condoms and the Pill). Already, we’re asking what would be your dream flavoured condom and we’ll pass the best suggestions on to Durex. You can also follow Sexual Health Week news on Twitter by using the hashtag #SHWeek2014.

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