Sexy Dates for your Diary – Ridiculous 2015 ‘National’ Days

Dates for your Diary

There’s a day for everything these, erm, days! We’re long past just having Christmas Day, Mother’s Day and Valentines Day. There’s now National Orgasm Day, Kissing Day and Underwear Day.

Yeah, we forgot all of these last year too. It’s a good job we got a 2015 diary from Santa. Now we can pen in all these sexy National Days and ensure none of us miss another historic, eventful day (ahem!). Here are some dates for your diary: National Days you don’t know about yet, but need in your life. Apparently.

16th January – International Fetish Day

Originating in the UK, this day first ran in 2009 and launched to support the UK’s BDSM and fetish community. Pull out the whips, chains and bondage kit and be proud of your sexual preferences!
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21st January – National Hugging Day

Everyone enjoys a good hug…or, well most people enjoy a good hug. Love that there is a warning on the website about hugging people that have intimacy and personal space issues. Eek. But, if you do enjoy cuddling, then 21st January is the day to do it!
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14th March – National Steak & Blow Job Day

A real hit with the lads. This has been running for several years now and tends to get a fair bit of attention in the press. Wonder why. It’s supposed to be the blokes answer to Valentine’s Day, because, you know, men do all the romancing and hard work on 14th February, so obviously they then deserve their own meat and oral sex day…
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6th July – International Kissing Day

Pucker up and ‘gis a kiss! The idea behind International Kissing Day is to remember the simple pleasure of enjoying a kiss with someone you love, be it family, friends or a partner. Sounds fun, but if partaking in this international Day, try not to get too caught up in excitement of the celebrations: we don’t recommend strolling up to a random stranger and trying to kiss them.
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31st July – National Orgasm Day

This was a new one for the diary last year and a bit of a PR stunt, but hey, we like orgasms, so why not keep an annual day that has the ability to make you feel so goooood.
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5th August – National Underwear Day

All about feeling good in your pants (and bra if you wear one!). This started in America by FreshPair – an underwear company – but has made its way around the globe and gets people out and about in public wearing little more than their lingerie. In 2013, they made it into the Guinness World Record books for getting the most people in their pants in Times Square. Put on your best pair for this national day.
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TBC September – Sexual Health Week/National Condom Week

Ok, ok, so Sexual Health Week, run by the Family Planning Association is actually a really good one and not just a gimmick (ahem, National Orgasm Day). The theme for 2015 is yet to be announced, but in the past they’ve covered emergency contraception, forward thinking sex education and the facts of life.
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