For lovers with a sweet tooth

Erotic body paint that tastes good and makes getting messy in the bedroom a sweet treat rather than awkward

If there’s one thing that rivals my love of sex, it’s my love for chocolate. That’s probably why Easter has to be my favourite holiday of the year. A long Bank Holiday weekend lends itself perfectly to some lazy sex and it’s the only time when you can legitimately eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner without being judged. Long considered an aphrodisiac, sex and chocolate compliment each other perfectly and there’s something erotic about getting a little bit messy with sweet food. That’s why I’ve fallen for the Shunga Chocolate Body Paint. A lot less sticky than melting and using actual chocolate for bedroom games, this body paint is easy to apply, kiss and lick off. So, if your Easter Egg Trail leads you to the bedroom this year, make sure you still get your chocolate fix between the sheets.

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“Shunga Chocolate Body Paint is a must for any naughty Easter Trail.”

Easter Body Chocolate - Harmony Store - Editors Pick

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