New Year Resolutions: 15 Sexy New Things To Try in 2015

Sexy New Things To Try in 2015

A new year can bring with it the feeling of a fresh start. A clean plate. The ambition to take on new challenges!

While many of us begin our New Year Resolution list with pledges like ‘I will…quit smoking/ exercise more/ achieve that huge career change and promotion’, here at Harmony we’re beginning our resolution list with ‘I will have a better sex life’.

Quitting the cigs, drinking less and going to the gym more are all great ways to get your health back on track after the party season, but we think it’s just as important to consider your sex life in that equation too. A good sex life can lead to many more health benefits as a result, plus we reckon New Year Resolutions that involve sex will be much easier to stick to than that new exercise regime.

Sex should be fun, so make 2015 the year to discover and explore new pleasures. You may stumble across something surprising that will really enhance your sex life.

Set yourself some sex challenges

While New Year Resolutions are meant to be a bit of a challenge, they should also be achievable. Here are 15 suggestions for sexy new things to try in 2015 that we’ve come up with. Hopefully they’ll help you recharge your lust life, but tweak and amend them to suit your style and preferences, or write a whole new list of your own.

Either way, remember to have fun and set targets you think you can meet!

1. I will…share a sexual fantasy

Reveal a sexy fantasy to your partner or lover before your next bedroom session. Pick something that they might not be aware of that you get off on, but of course only choose a fantasy that you’re comfortable telling them about.

Once you’ve shared yours, ask your other half if they would be happy to share something back.

2. I will…be body positive

Next time you look in the mirror, consider what you like about your body. Too often we focus on the areas we wish we could change. Instead, for 2015, acknowledge the parts you love and the bits that make you feel sexy!

3. I will…change my sexy clothing style

Try slipping into at least one piece of underwear or lingerie that is different to your usual sexy clothing style. That might mean veering away from your usual satin babydoll and going for a racy and revealing teddy. Or ditching the boxers and donning a pair of Mens Underwear that will really boost your package!

4. I will…try new sex positions

Him on top, her on top, followed by doggie to finish. Yawn! Add some new moves to your sex repertoire this year. Check out, which has an extensive list of animated sex position suggestions (although you might need to be a gymnast to achieve some of them!).

5. I will…rediscover a sex toy

Pull out a sex toy that you’ve not used in at least a month and remind yourself why you bought it and what you like about it. Or, if you find it no longer rocks your socks, then bin it and treat yourself to a new vibrator or masturbator that will do the trick.

6. I will…read at least 2 erotic novels

Pick up a couple of erotic novels in one of our Harmony London shops. They’re brilliant for fueling your sexual imagination and discovering new angles on things that turn you on. If you don’t fancy having steamy books lying around the house, then check out online erotica sites like or which are full of short stories and extracts for the latest erotica novels.

7. I will…spend more time touching

Run your hands and finger tips over your or your partner’s body, but avoid the obvious hot spots you already know about. Check your/their reactions to each stroke or tickle. You may stimulate an erogenous zone that you didn’t previously know was a turn on.

8. I will…surprise my lover with something new

Be it a sex toy, a platter of food to play with in the bedroom, or even different textured condoms, don’t be afraid to use something new during sex.

Hopefully you’ll know yours and your partner’s limits already, but if you’re unsure then have a conversation with your SO days (or weeks) before your planned surprise. Once you’ve established what you’re both comfortable with, then explore away!

9. I will…make time for sex

Life certainly has a talent for getting in the way of good sex. While it doesn’t sound very romantic, try to plan ahead and make time for sex. If you know next Thursday is free, then lock it into the diary. Book a babysitter, turn off that phone and organise a date night or solo time and don’t let anything interrupt the evening’s action.

10. I will…make an effort with my “me time”

However tempting, try not to simply “knock one out” every time when masturbating. Whether you’re single, or in a relationship, it’s important to spend time on your own and exploring what you like sexually. Masturbation is allowed to last more than 5-10 minutes and be sensual and special. So, put on your favourite music, dim the lights and enjoy a glass of wine while you slowly perform a personal and very intimate strip tease for an audience of one…

11. I will…take a sex class

Sex education doesn’t end in the high school classroom. Learn a new sex skill in 2015 by signing up to an adult class. Perhaps learning the art of rope bondage is on the to-do list, or you’d like to discover how to become a Mistress and really dominate in the bedroom?

If going to a class is a step too far out of your comfort zone, then pick up a sex guide book. We’ve got loads in Harmony Oxford Street, including how to improve your blow job skills, or how to have a kinkier sex life. Pop in and take a browse.

12. I will…be more vocal

Learn to make more than just “oohh” and “ahh” noises. Be vocal by actually saying what you do or don’t like during sex. Having conversations after sex allows you and your partner to reflect on what was good, or what needs improving, while a chat before the action means you can flag up some ideas that can be worked into that session and explored.

13. I will…start a Sexy Lucky Dip game

Think of 15-20 things you’d like to do sexually. Write each of them on a bit of paper, then fold it up and put it in a pot. Next time you’re ready to get frisky, pick one at random and carry out the action. This is great for adding a touch of spontaneity to your sex life, plus it works when playing alone to enhance masturbation, or as a fun game to explore with a partner.

Once the first 20 have run out, then refresh the pot with new ideas (or repeat the ones that led to the hottest sex!).
Can’t think of anything? Then instead try a sexy Card Game, or Board Game, which can provide inspiration.

14. I will…try a new sex toy

So you know that you love clitoral stimulation, or that the Fleshlight Lotus tunnel is your favourite textured sleeve, but make 2015 the year to experiment with a sex toy that offers a different sensation.

15. I will…try new locations

Try having sex in parts of the house other than the bedroom. Or, if you’re feeling daring, buy a remote control vibrator and take your play out in public. A new view can alleviate sexual monotony and encourage new explorations.

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