Six Hot Products That’ll Keep You Warm This Winter

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder it gets harder and harder to bring yourself to leave the cosy confines of your bed for the icy air of the rest of your life, and your sex life is no exception. ‘Tis the season of flinching away as your partner tries to put their freezing cold feet on your leg; the season of suddenly really missing all the overly-sweaty summer sex you were having six months ago; the season of lingerie making you feel nothing but nippy, but in a bad way this time.

You might be resigning yourself to sitting on your vibrator to try and warm it up before you use it or wincing every time you put on lube, but never fear, Harmony is here! There’s no need to suffer through sub-zero silicone or frigid lube with this selection of products, because when it’s cold outside, you need it to be warm inside more than ever.

Svakom Anya, a long, pink, ribbed vibrator

1. Svakom Anya

Svakom have quite the range of internally heated toys on our site, but Anya is one of the most exciting. Ribbed with swirls and equipped with 26 different settings combinations, Anya heats to a decadent 38°C for a cozy and comfortable experience.

2. Svakom Primo

For anal or g-spot stimulation, choose Primo. Svakom’s remote control heated plug creates a sumptuous warming experience as it enters you.

3. Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

The Fleshlight experience will only get more realistic with this sleeve warmer. The rod heats the inner folds and ridges to a comfortable, naturalistic temperature, giving you an incredibly realistic masturbation session.  

4. Icicles no. 2 – Beaded Glass Dildo

Despite what the name might suggest, icicles are actually incredibly versatile. The beautifully crafted, body-safe glass can be heated (or cooled) gradually by leaving it in warm water for easy temperature play.

5. Durex Play Warming Lubricant

The last thing you need in winter is the sharp shock of chilly lube against your skin, so why not try a heating lube? Rather than wait for the slick to make the slow climb up to match your body temperature, this Durex lubricant is self-heating, for immediate comfort.

6. System JO 12-volt Female Arousing Serum

Maybe it’s a sharper kind of heat you’re looking for? Jo’s 12 volt serum will have your clitoris tingling within 3-5 minutes of application, amplifying every touch and stroke.

7. A… bowl of water?

In a pinch, you can submerge a toy in warm water to bring it up to temperature!

Go on, get cosy! Not too cosy, though – nothing can make trying to have sex bundled under a 14 tog duvet with your fluffy socks on sexy. Nothing.

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