Sun, Sea & Sex Toys

If you are off on your Summer holidays you may be thinking of taking your sex toys with you, after all there is nothing like a bit of sun to get you in the mood. If you are thinking of packing your favourite toy you can’t manage a fortnight without, or the essentials such as lube, check out our common sense tips below.

Remove the batteries

This is the only way you can be certain that your sex toy doesn’t accidentally turn on during transit. Nobody wants to arrive at their destination with a toy that has lost all its power, or worse an embarrassing buzzing from your hand luggage. Take those batteries out and store them separately

Lock it up

If you are travelling with a rechargeable sex toy make sure it has a lock feature. Toys from brands like LELO are easily lockable, preventing them from turning on, even if its buttons are accidentally pressed.

Say No to Big dildoKeep It Small

Small toys are perfect for travel. They can be easily stashed away in your luggage and are less likely to draw attention when passing through the x-ray machine. A small bullet such as the Rocks off Colour Me Orgasmic Bullet is going to be a lot more discrete than a 10” realistic dildo when it shows up on that screen.

Bag It

If you do happen to be one of the people who gets their hand luggage searched, you don’t want a customs officer handling your sex toy, so pack it in a clear plastic bag – they can see what’s inside quickly and easily, plus it’s a hygienic storage option when you’re on the move.

Own Up

If you do get asked what’s in your bag or to explain an item on the x-ray display answer honestly. Security at airports look at thousands of bags every day, so yours definitely won’t be the first sex toy they have ever seen. Here at Harmony Store we have travelled back from trade shows with suitcases full of samples and it has barely raised an eyebrow so your lone toy is definitely nothing to be shy about.

Know Your Limit

If you are taking anything like lube in your hand luggage make sure it’s 100ml or under. Plenty of lubricants come in handy travel sized versions such as ID Glide Water Based Lube.

Do Your Research

Believe it or not, some countries aren’t as liberal as the UK and there are places where they are even banned, like India, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and surprisingly even some US States. If you are in any doubt Google it before you travel.




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