How to use female enhancement products

Guide to female enhancement products

Female enhancement products exist to help women reach climax more easily, or to increase the intensity of their orgasm. By heightening sensitivity around erogenous zones it makes it easier to become aroused, so getting to the Big O is more achievable.

This guide on how to use female enhancement products will give you a run down of the different types of libido boosters available and how best to use them for maximum satisfaction.

Why use female libido enhancers?

For some women, using these products is simply another way to enjoy sex with a partner, or during masturbation. They may find that it gives their orgasms a boost so they’re even more enjoyable than usual. On other occasions, women may decide to try female enhancement products to help increase their arousal if they find it difficult to get turned on.

There are a number of biological reasons why your libido might decrease: menstrual cycle, menopause, tiredness, stress are just a few. All of these could contribute to a lack of horniness, which is when a woman might decide to try using a female enhancement product to increase her libido and get her sexy back.

Types of female libido enhancers

Whatever your reason is for deciding to try them, there are different types of female libido enhancer that can be applied, used or taken in various ways.

Sliquid Natural O Arousal Gel - Harmony Store

Stimulating gels and oils

Orgasm boosting gels and oils are designed to be rubbed or massaged into the nipples, clitoris or any other external erogenous zone that you enjoy having stimulated. Most of them work instantly and the effects will wear off within 15 minutes to half an hour. It’s possible to get stimulating clitoral oils and gels in varying intensities. This gives you the freedom to experiment with different strengths. If you have sensitive skin, for example, you may prefer to try a gentler stimulating gel, like ON for Her Lite. Active ingredients like menthol, L’Argenine or natural stimulants such as cinnamon are often used to create the warm tingling effect.

How to use: If it’s your first experience of using a stimulating gel apply a small amount to the tip of your finger and massage into the area of the body that you want to give a boost to. The more you use it, the more accustomed you’ll become to how much or little you need. You can apply the gel or oil right before sexual activity, because they begin to work straight away.

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Herbal Arousal Capsules or Pink Pills

The ‘little pink pill’ is another name for female sex enhancers that come in capsule or tablet form. They’re designed to increase libido so you feel sexy all over, making it easier to become aroused. Using natural herbal ingredients, arousal capsules for women can up your energy levels and give you greater stamina between the sheets. Most of them will also increase blood flow to the nipples, clitoris and labia, amplifying every touch, stroke or buzz of your vibrator.

How to use: Female herbal arousal capsules take time to kick in, so generally you need to swallow them (with water if required) at least an hour before sexual activity. This can vary with more potent herbal tablets getting to work quicker. Always check the recommendations on the specific product you’re looking at for advice on how many supplements it’s safe to take at any one time, or within a 24 hour period. How well they work and how long the effects last can change from woman to woman.

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On Sensuva Arousal Balm - Harmony Store

Stimulating Balms

These are great because they look so discreet! Toss them in your bedside draw or handbag and they’ll simply look like a pot of lip balm or a chapstick. Much like oils and gels, they’re designed to be used on outer erogenous zones and work best on the nipples or clitoris.

How to use: Ensure hands are clean and then rub as much, or as little, of the balm is required onto your finger. Use that finger to massage into your erogenous zone of choice to experience the tingling, warming sensation. If you require a top up, use a different, clean finger to rub against the balm. This way your balm will stay clean and hygienic.

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System Jo Agape Warming Lubricant - Harmony Store

Stimulating Lubricants

Warming, cooling and tingling lubricants are great way for all over sensation and enhancing arousal. They can be applied all over the body, for internal or external stimulation and are designed to heighten sensitivity. If you pick a water-based sensation lube, it will be safe to use with your sex toys too. Again, many of them use active ingredients to achieve the gentle heating or cooling sensation that feels so good.

How to use: Apply as much or as little sensation lubricant as required and massage into genitals and hot spots. Lubricants tend to be non-staining and will wash away easily. How long the sensation effect lasts can depend on the quality of the lubricant, but if you find it fading, then it’s safe to top up the lube as often as required.

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